Meet Our Director/Coach


Abdul Damron-Seruyange grew up in the pit of Ugandan poverty as the only son of two teenagers whose love didn’t last. In his childhood he found himself the property of his father. Even as a young boy he learned the sting of neglect. Playing soccer became his beloved escape. As he grew, his knowledge and love for the game grew too. He played as often as he could, anywhere he could in villages across Uganda. His passion became talent, and soon schools were offering him scholarships. Because education in Uganda is not free, children who attend school depend on their parents’ willingness and ability to pay. Abdul struggled to find the fees to carry on, but each year his soccer skills seemed to bring the scholarships he needed to continue.


Finally, while waiting to finish his last year of studies, the money ran out. Abdul found himself abandoned, sleeping on the streets, starving. Then, one day a small Christian organization needing a soccer coach went looking for a guy who came highly recommended by the community, a guy who loved kids, a guy named Abdul. So, at the beginning of 2008 Abdul began working with Christopher House Ministries. He quickly moved from full time volunteer to head of his department. Now, Abdul is the coach and director of Terra Nova Soccer Academy. He also serves as the Director of Admissions and Parent Relations at Terra Nova Academy Preschool.



• NSCAA, National Convention Participant 2014

• NSCAA, Fundamentals of Coaching Certificate, 2013

• Director of Admissions and Parent Relations, Terra Nova Academy Preschool, 2013-present

• Coach and Director, Terra Nova Soccer Academy, 2011- present

• Coordinates school scholarships for local soccer players

• UYFA Kampala City Coordinator for Youth Football, 2012-present

• UYFA Makindye Division Coordinator for Youth Football, 2011-12

• Bunga Youth Council, Vice Chairperson, 2011-present

• First Aid Certification, American Recreation Association, October 2011

• Head of Department, Athletics, Christopher House Ministries, 2008-2011

• Kyankwanzi Senior Secondary School, Kiboga, 2002


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