Meet Our Co-Founders

206391_612035748825764_228359380_nAbdul and Alisha met while working together at a Christian NGO in Uganda during the summer of 2008. Each week they taught extra-curricular classes in 10 Ugandan schools: music, art, creative drama and soccer. Abdul was the head of the athletic department, and Alisha was doing a summer internship through Duke Divinity School introducing Creative Drama. It didn’t take long before their shared love for the children of Uganda started to bring them together. Abdul was a quiet African. Alisha was a loud American. On paper they seemed the most unlikely pair, but their hearts seemed to beat in step. As they served God alongside one another they fell in love.

283887_517776661416_5067440_nAlisha and Abdul married in January 2011 and launched Terra Nova Soccer Academy. In 2013 they helped to open the doors of a local Christian preschool. Together Abdul and Alisha have one daughter Micaiah and another baby girl expected to arrive in April 2014.

Today the Damron-Seruyange family live in the heart of Uganda’s capital city Kampala, and are committed to serving God and passionate about empowering, educating and encouraging Ugandan kids.

Their ultimate goal is pointing Ugandan kids toward the Hope that can only be found in Christ.


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