In 2011 we launched Terra Nova Soccer Academy as the first phase of our Terra Nova Academy dream… to learn more, visit the school site at: www.terranovaacademy.com






What does soccer have to do with Christian education? Well, by training kids in soccer they can earn scholarships to go to school. Schools will often offer partial or full scholarships for talented players. For many of our players this is the only opportunity they have to go to school. And connecting Ugandan students to education is the work God has called us to do.


Our short term vision is to sustain our program for the first 5 years by building our participant base with a goal of recruiting 50 participants by the end of 2013, competing in local, regional and national tournaments, and nurturing school partnerships that will offer our players bursaries to attend school. Already 0ver 70 players have reported for the May 2013 holiday program, and 39 players have earned school scholarships. Abdul does the work of coordinating between schools, parents and players.

Our long term vision (10-15 years) is to maintain a soccer academy that will exist on the grounds of our dream school Terra Nova Academy. TNSA will continue to promote skill development for players ages 5-20, broaden participant base to 100, develop a competitive club team for advanced players, build up a strong scholarship program for players to receive reduced cost education at Terra Nova Academy, and maintain a competitive position among other national academy programs.


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