What We Do

Our Purpose

The purpose of TNSA is to promote the sport of soccer, integrity, and healthy development among the youth of our community based on a Christian perspective.

Our Goals

The major goals of TNSA are for each program participant to develop a love and passion for soccer, develop soccer skills (without the emphasis on just winning), learn the value of team work, equip them to make healthy life decisions, and enable them to live a life of integrity.

Our Strategy

We invite kids with an interest in soccer to participate in TNSA. We provide our players with soccer experience through trainings, friendly matches and tournament participation. We also seek the opportunity to connect talented, qualified players with local schools for scholarships. TNSA does not create scholarships, but coordinates between the school and the family in regard to requests for players and requirements of each school. In addition to our soccer emphasis, we are committed to teaching character development and integrity through a weekly class room study. It is here we discuss issues which impact our players long after the game ends.

In the five years of Abdul’s coaching 39 out of 75 players have earned scholarships to local schools.



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